Review of Monopoly Empire Board Game

Review of Monopoly Empire Board GameLiterally billions of people have played the game of Monopoly. This board game from toy manufacturer Hasbro is considered to be America’s # 1 game, making it a staple in every American household. Monopoly is not only a household name in the U.S., over 50 countries in the world have enjoyed playing the game, with over 200 million games sold worldwide since they were introduced in the early 1900′s.

This year, Hasbro has introduced Monopoly’s newest spin-off – Monopoly Empire. This new take on the classic game is more hip and current compared to the traditional game, but still has the same charm and excitement that generations of families have enjoyed. Here is a brief review on Monopoly Empire – complete with features, pros and cons, and the best deals on the market today.


Compared to the classic Monopoly, Monopoly Empire lets you buy corporations rather than real estate. Each player gets to have a tower that they fill up with billboard tiles of today’s most recognizable brands. Whoever fills up his tower first, wins the game. It’s that simple.

Monopoly Empire is a simpler version of the classic game with each player buying brands instead of hotels and houses. The brands include Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Xbox, Samsung, Fender, Nerf, Beats by Dr. Dre, and a few others. You can buy these brands one by one, building your empire all the way to the top of your tower.

The game is a simple race to the top, where you have to make tough decisions and smart moves to beat your competition. You can also buy offices, which will help you get to the top of your tower sooner.

The contents of the board game include 1 game board, 4 towers, 30 billboard tiles, 6 office tiles, 6 brand tokens, 1 money pack, 14 empire cards, 14 chance cards, 2 dice, and one fully colored instruction booklet. The game is appropriate for individuals aged 8 and over, and can be played with 2 to 4 players for every game.

The dice has a special feature, which is the swap spot, where you can steal other players’ better brands by trading the top brand on your tower.

Benefits and Pros and Cons

Monopoly Empire is made to be simpler and quicker compared to the classic game. You can finish a game in about 20 minutes, or two games in one hour. Compared to the classic game that can last for hours, you get to enjoy several games of Monopoly Empire in one evening.

The 6 brand tokens also add that excitement to the game, such as the McDonald’s french fries and the Xbox controller. Kids will definitely compete with each other as to who gets their favorite brands in each game. The recognizable brands are certainly fun to play with.

Pros of Monopoly Empire include brand recognition – players will definitely fight for their favorite brands. The game is also faster and easier, perfect for those quick games and individuals who simply can’t sit on a chair for hours playing one single game. The game has also become easier, making it possible for children to play on their own. The modern and hip design will definitely attract the younger generation who are all about gadgets and apps. One of its great features is there is no bankruptcy in Monopoly Empire, which means no one has to sit on the sidelines for hours, waiting for the game to end.

However, Monopoly Empire also has its list of cons. Most people love playing Monopoly because of the strategies that they come up with, challenging them and getting excited when their plans work. Though Monopoly Empire does require you to do some strategy planning, it’s less of that and winning is heavily hinged more on luck rather than fierce strategies. Another disadvantage of the game is if one player gets an early large lead, it can be hard for the other players to catch up. And of course, since the game uses current brands, it might not be so relevant a few years from now. Some of the brands may not even exist in a few decades, so talking about longevity of the game, it may not have its same charm if you play it a few years further.


Monopoly Empire is a great gift to give to your friends or family this coming Christmas. Take them away from their gadgets and encourage an hour or two of family bonding with this game. Shop early so you can avoid those late Christmas shopping rush where you end up buying gifts that your friends or family won’t even use.

Go to Amazon to buy your Monopoly Empire today as they slashed 30% off from the original price of $21.99 to just $14.77. Plus you get free shipping when you purchase at least $25 of items from the site. You can also have it gift wrapped to take away that added task of wrapping it yourself, eliminating the chance of your kids or husband from knowing what their Christmas present is. Amazon is also offering a $3 coupon to give you more savings.

Buying early will definitely give you more savings and less things to worry about come Christmas time.


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